Creating a Healthy Relationship with Yourself

Creating a Healthy Relationship with Yourself

What comes into your mind when talking about wellness? Is it limited to physical things such as diet and exercise? While these two are definitely part of it, wellness encompasses more than just one's physical well-being. To be genuinely healthy, you must create a healthy relationship with yourself, including emotional and mental wellness. In this day in age mental health and being mentally healthy has gained a lot of attention. And with the assistance of social media it has given many people platforms to help others. 

You can start by loving and accepting yourself for who you are. It takes a lot of work, and it's a process. Girl this isn’t something we expect to change overnight! TRUST THE PROCESS! You have to go through several cycles of self-reflection. Nonetheless, this is essential if you want to thrive in other areas of your life.

Aside from that, we identified six steps that may facilitate the creation of a healthy relationship with yourself. You know what they say: Happy Mind, Happy Life. Listen even if you never heard it, it should be your mindset.


There's wisdom in spending some time away from the noise and distractions of everyday life and just having some quiet time with yourself. You can choose to spend your alone time journaling your thoughts or just simply talking to yourself. Try to break down the possible reasons that prompted you to do something, and who knows; you might have a breakthrough.


We often catch ourselves doing something over and over again. When asked why, we often don't think much about it and just say that it's a hard habit to break, or you merely act on impulse. But did you? There's a reason behind our every action, and although it's not apparent at first, a little quiet time and sitting down with yourself will reveal the reason. Why is this important? So that the next time something similar happens, you won't catch yourself off guard. Better yet, you can distance yourself from similar scenarios to save yourself from being in a tough spot.

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Have you ever heard of the phrase "amor fati"? Amor fati teaches us to fall in "love" with whatever comes our way. Whether good or bad, we should welcome each circumstance with open arms. We should be thankful for every opportunity—if they're good, it brings prosperity; if they're bad, it makes us stronger. Another way to develop a better relationship with oneself is to practice compassion. Sometimes, your inner thoughts can only do so much, and the answers we're seeking are often found outside of ourselves. You can bring yourself a step closer to true enlightenment by serving others. Listen as much as we are in our own head about the bad stuff. We should be able to be in our own head about the good stuff and give ourselves grace. 


Finally, practice the art of not judging others. You should know better. Each person is waging their own war against themselves, against prejudices, biases, and other forms of negativity. So, instead of fueling your judgment, why not offer kindness and understanding. Who knows, by opening yourself up to others, you might discover another side of you that you haven't discovered yet. 

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