How to Become More Attractive

How to Become More Attractive

WHO DOESN'T WANT TO LOOK AND FEEL MORE ATTRACTIVE! As humans there are times when our self-confidence takes a nosedive.The great thing is that we can always choose to pick ourselves up, have a change in perspective, and eventually feel good with a new narrative! Whether it's because of harsh self-judgement or excessive expectations we all can come to the conclusion that most people have a common goal… WE WANT TO LOOK AND FEEL GOOD! While our physical appearance plays a part in our overall perception of attractiveness, it's not the ONLY way to feel attractive. With a few little tips that you can incorporate into your everyday life, your mind, body, and soul will be more attractive than ever. 


YUP! We started off with the obvious first step. Get your body moving! There’s something about working out and seeing your progress that makes you feel amazing about yourself. Let’s be honest, it’s more to it than feeling more confident about shedding a couple pounds, your mental even changes, you are more determined than ever to continue to see progress. 

Exercising is an effective way to take some time to release some pent-up aggression, have some time for yourself, and release endorphins. Start off slowly. No Judgement Here. We are not telling you to jump in full force unless you are up for that challenge. Get your body moving with something as simple as going outside for a 30 minute walk everyday or even the gym 3 times a week. Progress is progress no matter the speed. YOU ARE YOUR OWN COMPETITION.



Showing someone a little love never hurt anyone. WHO DOESN’T LOVE A COMPLIMENT? Usually, we feel good about getting compliments, but have you tried the other way around? Reciprocating that energy will captivate the attention of others.  Studies are stating that giving compliments is as effective as getting one. Letting others know about their good traits can somehow help you become more attractive in their eyes and make you realize the good things about yourself, too. Nothing is better than doing something that makes you feel good about yourself for others. This isn’t your ideal way of getting attractive physically but this definitely will make you attractive mentally. NOTED! GIVING AND RECEIVING COMPLIMENTS WILL ALLOW ME TO FEEL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF.

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SAY CHEEEESE! They say that a smile is the only accessory you'll ever need to become more attractive instantly. Smiling makes you seem warm and inviting to other people, which can help how they see you. From an evolutionary perspective, a smile gives off the signal that one can safely approach, and you'll welcome them openly. In general, smiling as a facial expression can affect a person's mood, and evidence suggests people who smile more feel happier. Have you ever noticed when someone smiles at you, you tend to smile back at them. Just like a yawn, smiles are contagious. So make sure next time you are in public put a smile on your face and how much better you feel about yourself



You can do other things to become more attractive, such as giving yourself some pep talks, adopting a more positive attitude, becoming open to others' perspectives (and dealing with them as needed), and having a sense of humor. The key here is that attractiveness needs a holistic approach in which your physical beauty only plays a part. 

We hope you learned a thing or two from this list. Watch out for our upcoming blogs to know more about practical tips regarding faith, health, and beauty!

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