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Take a minute to enjoy the aromatic benefits as all of our ingredients are all natural and are synthetic fragrance free! Renew and restore your skin with our stimulating coffee filled exfoliate. Ground coffee helps to energize and nourish the skin and when paired with our Pink Himalayan Salt and natures beneficial oils, you will be left with soft skin that’s smooth, rejuvenated as well as moisturized and hydrated.


After cleansing skin in the shower, use a spoon to stir scrub and scoop some into your hands, apply in circular motions all over body (avoiding face). Rinse off and drip dry for best results, try not to wipe away too much of the left over oil on your skin! Keep product sealed and try not to get water into the scrub as our products are Preservative Free & all natural, we recommend taking out product with a spoon to reduce the chance of water entering the container. Always conduct a patch test when applying directly after shaving and do not apply to broken skin.

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