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Powerful hair growth results can happen with the entire Maximize Your Hair Growth Collection! All these products work well together grow back your hair loss from postpartum to shedding, to genetics, etc...! Get to your hair goals swiftly, and quickly see that problem area of your hair regrow! 

Miracle Hair Growth Mask: 

Tired of hair falling in the sink and visibly shedding everywhere! We got you!  Desperately need something to help control POSTPARTUM shedding! We got you!
Experiencing excess breakage and hair loss? We got you! Need something to boost your hair growth! We got you It gets messy, but it gets the job done! This hair mask has over 10 powerful Ayurvedic herbs - 2 oz.

Ultimate Hair and Body Butter: 

Who knew you could use 1 product for your hair and skin. That's kind of unheard of as your normally don't have the same goals for your hair as you do your skin, right? WRONG! The “Healing Butter” aids in the overall wellness of your body.  It softens & moisturizes dry hair & skin; giving you a glowing complexion. Here are some great benefits of our healing butter for the hair and skin. - 8 oz.

Extra Strength Miracle Hair Growth Mask:

Get back your length! Grow back your edges! Help your problem areas! Get to your hair goals swiftly, and quickly see that problem area of your hair regrow! This is exactly what our growth oil does. It was made to “Maximize Your Hair Growth” literally!  it is 100% organic and formulated to regrow any problem areas of your hair. Our “Miracle Growth Oil is also known to be soothing to the scalp, it gives you instant scalp relief from an itchy scalp, which helps you to keep your hairstyles longer.  It is effective in decreasing hair loss, shedding and breakage. - 8 oz. 

DISCLAIMER: Our products are handmade, and they contain herbs, 100% natural carrier oils and essential oils.  We advice that you follow product directions and also to do a 24 hr skin patch test first before you use.  We will not be liable or responsible for illness, or allergic reactions.