Emotionally rekindle the love you and your partner have using the power of sensual touch.

This exclusive new luxury massage oil is setting couples on fire, with it's unique fragrances and natural oils that remind you why you fell in love to begin with. Are you ready to feel the intimacy again...

Couples Can't Keep Their Hands Off Eachother

Don't take our word for it, women across the world are obsessing over giving their man, some extra tender love and care to show their appreciation.

Benefits of A Massage From Your Partner

Lowers Stress and Anxiety
One of the struggles of being in a relationship is keeping stress and anxiety, it can put a strain on your romantic life together. Getting a massage helps your body release hormones, which will ease tension and lower your stress levels. You'll find that after it's all said and done, you'll be able to have mindful conversations that aren't fueled by anxiety for once.  

Encourages Intimacy and Affection
The hormones that are released during a massage do more than encouraging stress-free communication. Touch stimulates your social hormones as well as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. During this time, you'll experience increased amounts of affection for your partner. you may even find a new appreciation for them. The hormones released from getting a massage not only will increase the affection you feel for your partner on an emotional level but on a physical one as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will one bottle last?

We purposely made this couples massage small and discrete and small enough to travel in your carry on, got getwaways, but depends on how often you are giving and receiving. The couples massage oil should last 5-7 rounds for both partners.

Where do I apply the massage oil?

Anywhere the sun shines! This is great for your arms, legs, body and booty!

Is it safe?

Abbbbsssoluttelyyy! Our natural oils, focus on the health and nourishment of your skin!

Can I use as lube?

The massage oil is for external use only!