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Devotion Men's Grooming Set by Prince Donnell

Do you want your beard to grow, look shiny, strengthen and get the ladies to turn their heads when you walk by? I got you, bro! Achieve that goal with Devotion by me, Prince Donnell. I created a 3 step beard care routine to cleanse, condition, and soften your beard. Remember what I said, "Devotion is not just a lifestyle but the foundational key to success in a man's faith, family, and career."

Devotion Grooming Set Includes:

Multi-Vitamin Beard Wash that cleanses the beard without stripping away your natural oils.

Prince Donnell has been growing his beard for over five years. Before you ask, "is this genetics?" The answer is yes. Let's be honest, about 80% of beard growth is genetics. Some men have more hair follicles than others. But, if you weren't blessed with genetics, beard growth will require you to be DEVOTED. Now you see why we call it devotion. You need to be devoted to a beard routine and stick to it for sometimes one or more years until the follicles in your beard decide to wake up. There's no magical powers to growing a nice beard. But you can absolutely count on DEVOTION and consistency for growth over time. That's why we created a three product set which includes:

1. Beard Wash

2. Beard Conditioner

3. Beard Oil

If you use these three items about three times per week, you should see healthy beard growth over time. NO GUARANTEES.

Why choose devotion grooming set

Softens and strengthens beard hair.

Devotion grooming set will soften & strengthen your beard hair from the very first use.

Promotes healthy beard growth.

Devotion grooming set includes vitamins and minerals to promotes healthy beard growth

Properly cleans the beard.

Devotion grooming set cleans your bread without stripping away your natural oils & smells great!

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What our customers say

Finally a subscription box with beauty products that surprise you every time. I can def get use to this!

-Samantha L.

A beauty brand that makes it easy to support black businesses COUNT ME IN. I'm obsessed.

-Cassandra H.

I love there is just an amazing range of different products. The body butter smelled absolutely delicious.

-Charisma S.

Get thicker, fuller & healthier beard today!

Hydrate, nourish, and get your beard clean with Devotion.

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