I’m not sure how to say this….. (crap, isn’t that the worst way start a conversation when I typed it my heart fell into my butt)


If you are anything like me… a strong woman, who is powerful, resilient, the backbone of your family, the one everyone runs to, a leader, a woman who takes accountability and strives to be the best version of herself, you may hear me a lot louder today. It may be fulfilling and part of the calling, but it’s exhausting too. What does exhaust mean? - to drain (someone) of their physical or mental resources; tire out. I’m exhausted. I’ve been doing this business thing for a decade. A whole freaking decade. 


I want you to remember the last time you were hiding all that you were going through from the people you love so much, you were trying to be strong, but then randomly someone asks you those dreaded words, in your heart your begging not to be asked…. “Are you okay” the moment you hear the words as much as you’ve tried to hide and hope no one noticed, your tears immediately swell up in the corners of your eyes and your trying to hold it in and you just cant. All of a sudden tears start rolling down your face, your nose gets stuffy. You are not okay, the release of emotion is not just humiliating… but a sense of relief fills you heart like never before because you can finally let it go. That’s me. I had been waiting for someone to notice. I don’t want to do this alone anymore.


As I write this email it becomes even clearer to me how not okay I was…. But I will be. The enemy has been trying to convince me that I won’t, but i know that is lie from the pit of hell, because God chose me. 


Over the last decade of my life, i’ve been intoxicated with the idea of self provision. How can I become as wealthy as possible, financially and spiritually and be in so much abundance that i am able to overflow my blessings to those around me. I’ve been high, on not just my own trauma of poverty and dysfunction, that I said to myself I am going to build the life I knew no one could ever give me but me. With so much gratitude in my heart. I’ve made my dreams come true. Everything from this day forward is extra, but I’m tired, exhausted. 


I don’t need a break or to walk away from the extraordinary entrepreneur piece of me, but I need REST. Rest by definition is to lie or sit on something fixed for support. I feel like for the last ten years I’ve been running on a treadmill at the highest it would go and I need water. I know I got more in me and I know i’m strong enough, but I need a quick rest to finish this marathon called life… In 10 years I’ve been through so many extreme highs and lows that I am forever indebted to God for teaching me, but I want to start over with everything I know and find where it is that the Lord is calling me to serve. I felt so much pressure to be who you ladies on social fell in love with, but I’ve changed. When you first met me, I was young, dumb, defensive, had something to prove, single, childless and on fire for the Lord. All of that has changed but one thing remained the same. On fire for the Lord and I feel like he’s calling me to start over with every single skill set he’s trained me on. 


So that’s what i’m doing. I’m not living for social media or a business i’m living through my anointing. In this season of my life asking the Lord for clarity, he’s telling me to put everything down because he needs me on another mission only my skill set can achieve. Now I’m not sure what that is just yet, but there are some changes he needed me to make immediately to take back my focus. In this season of my life he’s calling me to serve and not lead. With that being said, it’s time for me to let go of Curl Bible, the business i’ve spearheaded, broke generational curse and innovated the beauty industry with. I’ve thought about selling it, giving someone else the responsibility but after consideration. I said Curl Bible is going to take a rest with me. I’m not sure if I’ll ever come back, but it’ll be there if the Lord instructs me to breath life into it again. I am so honored and indebted to every single one of you who have helped me make my dreams come true and the vendors who believed in what I knew was possible. For the rest of Curl Bible’s lifetime, all of the products will remain discounted for you to stock up on your favorites until everything is gone. Take what you want and what you’ve fell in love with. I don’t know what dollar amount you value me at, but I’m asking you if I have ever made a contribution, encouraged or supported you, please support me and take all the product you can from the Curl Bible site. I made the entire site 40% Off. 


Today’s lesson is you live for no one but God… No one is going to love you like you love yourself or have your back like you do and if you wanna start over, there is absolutely no one on this planet that has the ability to discourage you from striving to be the woman you know you can and will be. Shame has no home here and you have nothing to prove. You don’t like something… change it. If you are inspired act on it. If you are happy and fulfilled with this season of you life don’t let anyone shake you. 


In tears I feel so much gratitude for the support you’ve blessed me with. I am so proud of the woman I’ve become and I will continue to keep you updated on where this journey leads me, but I know my voice, my ideas, my influence is more powerful than to sell beauty products. As an influencer it was a great business decision, but I am ready to make more kingdom, life altering, to build the family unit and build generational wealth for our people, families and single mothers out there. Not sure where life will lead me but I will continue to share and inspire women to take on the world, even if that means leaving a world behind that no longer exists. I can’t live with the need of validation from an app when in real life I feel lost because I’m stuck doing something my heart is no longer in. 


I love you and pray that you continue fight for yourself, you deserve to have a soldier. That soldier is within you. 


Stock up now while all the good stuff is in stock, nothing will be restocking and we will be closing out digital doors on April 30th, 2023: https://curlbible.com/collections/best-sellers