At The Curl Bible we believe women empowerment is NOT enough, it is our mission to give women opportunity! How much money have you spent on your luxurious hair? Yeah maybe a little too much, but what if you made money off the product you bought and actually made a percentage of the product your friends and family bought because you told them about it? The Curl Bible has a solution for the women out there who need some extra cash, to support their households, familes or need extra spending money or even a Curly Queen who wants to make money promoting the product they use in their hair on social media.

Influencers with huge followings are not the only valuable ones here to be getting paid. You can become an influencer too!

With The Curly Queen Influencer program, we give you exclusive benefits, you would get nowhere else. When you sign up to be a Curly Queen influencer, you will get your own website link that your customers can click to place an order so that The Curl Bible knows it was your customer. You will receive a log-in and password within 24 hours of signing up so you can log-in and track your daily commissions. You will get an introduction video presentation to your email giving you tips to launching your business, but you can start immediately! If you already have product at your home, check if we sell it on the site and start promoting and making money now. Prop your phone up and tell people what you use in your hair, you could even do a tutorial like your favorite influencers. We handle all of the product, we handle all of the shipping to get the items to your customers, we make sure the website looks professional at all times and posting new product on the site. We work for you. Now you are the controller of your finances!



On the 1st of every month, you will receive a commission check of 25% from each order placed on your website link. Example: Someone makes a purchase in your store and spends $50 dollars. After 25% commission, you make $12.50 dollars for that order, without doing any work at all. We handle the rest. The commission on the first of the month is automatically transferred to your PayPal account. If you don't have one, after signing up, we can show you how to set one up for free.

There is a $29.99 MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP to receive orders your monthly commission! There are no long-term contracts, no additional or hidden fees and you are able to cancel your subscription at any time. Your online store will be closed immediately by sending us an email to

What are you waiting for? Get started below.