We are dedicated to creating an innovative and profitable e-commerce platform not just for Curl Bible, but for entrepreneurs and business looking to grow, their own brands and increase their distribution on a larger scale. From our easy and fast to check out website to our Curl Bible mobile application with over 50k available on Google Play and iOS, we have the capability to reach out DIRECTLY to our customer base, a marketing advantage social media could never give you. There is enough success to go around! We open our digital doors to ONLY 10 new brands every year whose application have gone through an extensive review to decide whether or not if your business is the right fit. We limit availability because we have no intentions on overcrowding our e-commerce store but fulfilling our customers with strategic value. Do you have an amazing product or brand that's doing great on your own but you want to take your distribution to a whole other level?

Join us, here is how it works and what is included.


Fill out vendor application HERE


Your application will be reviewed by our executive buyer, if it passes the first review. Our founder Dana Chanel will personally review your application and prompt an approval or denial. (You may check on the status of your application by contacting us at

STEP 3: 

A member from our team will give you a call and talk more in-depth about our net and buying options specific to your brand. You will be given our vendor contract where you will also be invoiced stocking and invoice fee. Your invoice must be paid with prior to sending in contract. 

STEP 4: 

Once fully approved. We get the fun stuff! You will fill out our INVENTORY SUBMISSION FORM, before sending your product to our warehouse. After we've received your product, the Curl Bible team will have 72 hours to get your product up on the site! Then we make money together! 


Feel free to contact us at (718)892-0760 if you have any questions.