Are you looking to grow your beauty business?

Look no further and join Curl Bible's digital shelves. A leader in the beauty, skin and haircare industry with an extraordinarily loyal women customer base, is on the search for our next partnership.


Why We Share The Stage

With millions of dollars in sales and Curl Bible content taking over the social media world by storm, we are passionately dedicated to creating an innovative online beauty retail experience. Curl Bible is always searching for rising entrepreneurs and businesses to help grow their own brands and increase their distribution on a larger scale. We focus on unique and creative social media strategy to market your products to the Curl Bible community. There is enough success to go around! We open our digital doors to ONLY 20 new brands every year whose applications have gone through an extensive review process. We limit availability because we have no intentions of overcrowding our e-commerce store but fulfilling our customers with strategic value. Do you have an amazing product or brand that's doing great on your own but you want to take your distribution to a whole other level?

How We Kill The Game Together

Check out some of the ways the Curl Bible brand and your business will be working togething.

Strategic Content

If you know Curl Bible, it's probably because of one of our viral videos floating through out social media. Our team has produced comedic and inspiring content for every woman yielding over 100 million views. Product placment in our videos is a game changer for brands that dream of their prodcut being seen by potential customers. Our media team is unmatched!

Agressive Innovation

The Curl Bible team is dedicated to creating and executing the impossible. From our creative sale experiences to our mobile application, we are constantly innovating to build the Curl Bible brand so our partners can experience one heck of a ride and benefit of the growth.

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Warehouse and Distribution

We take the on the heavy lifting for you. With extraordinary reviews on customer service we are proud of our efficiency and demand an excellent customer experience. We take on housing your product in our warehouse and we take on everything from packaging and customer service. Check out our Google Reviews Here >

Revolving Door Marketing

We only win when you win, so it is in our best interest to market all of the product on Curl Bible. Once you've joined our digital shelves you will automatically join our paid and organic marketing rotation. Examples: Email, SMS, Paid Ads (Facebook & Google)

Minimum Qualifications

> Must have an active and profitable e-commerce business with at least 1 year of data and analytics

> Must have a marketing budget to invest in your business

> Products demographic must primarily be women

> Must have a reliable supply chain and overhead budget to accommodate upfront inventory requests

> Must be hungry and ready to grow their product based business

Success Story (100k In Sales)

Curl Bible x Natural Beauty Express

Success Story (250k In Sales)

Curl Bible x Tru Balance

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost associated with being a vendor?

Yes! Curl Bible partnership provides a vendor digital realestate on which has a cost associated. We are a beauty powerhouse looking to partner with the next best beauty brands. If you feel like your brand is a good fit and you have allocated a budget to take your brand to the next level, submit an application and we will contact you directly. 

What if this is my first year in business?

No worries! If this is your first year in business and you have seen an unexpected amount of success in such a short period of time, submit an application and we will review the data and contact you directly. This oppurtunity works best with an experienced e-commerce brand that has a good hold on operations and financial responsible.

What if I do not have any sales to show?

Unfortunately, as much as we would love to fill our digital mall with a bunch of different brands, our qualifying process is very detailed. Please review the qualifications above and submit an application if you fit the criteria. In the case you do not fit the criteria, no worries, feel free to apply when your brand has hit the criteria level. 

How do I know if I am ready?

The Curl Bible executives have spoken with hundreds of brands and it doesn't alway work out after the interview. Take a look at the success stories from some of our top selling vendors you would be sharing the platform with. If you have an amazing product, reliable supply chain, proof of sale and a budget allocated to take your brand to the next level, submit an application and we will be happy to review. 

When should I get a response if I have already applied?

Thank you for your application and patience. While we have a lot of applications to review, we will be reviewing in the order received and emailing you directly. For any additional questions, please contact

Individual results may vary. Client stories that are shared are not meant to represent typical results and are not a guarantee that anyone can achieve the same results.