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Experience MAJOR BEAUTY makeup line that delivers effortlessly translucent colorful blend of makeup to achieve the everyday look and beyond! Why MAJOR BEAUTY? Buildable, luminous, long wearing finish, smooth, and glides across your skin leaving you with an unbelievable feeling to elevate your look. Shhh…. something MAJOR is about to happen! 

We have blush that you DON'T HAVE TO BE  SCARED OF! Achieve a romantic yet playful blush that stays put all day! Bottoms Up Luminous Blush is  lightweight and long wearing that can be added to the cheeks for an effortless look. Leaving you with an exceptional sheer finish. Allowing you to lightly build layers until it's just right for you. Take your full face glam to the next level or even a makeup to no makeup look and still look phenomenal because you used a blush from Major Beauty Collection.