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Experience MAJOR BEAUTY makeup line that delivers effortlessly translucent colorful blend of makeup to achieve the everyday look and beyond! Why MAJOR BEAUTY? Buildable, luminous, long wearing finish, smooth, and glides across your skin leaving you with an unbelievable feeling to elevate your look. Shhh…. something MAJOR is about to happen!

There are no rules to these liquid lipsticks because it’s MAJOR with just one swipe! Meet the luscious liquid lipsticks that feature a texture that delivers soft moisture, comfortable colour with hours of hydration. The long lasting all day everyday hold will have your lips looking as good as you feel. It’s completely up to you, just choose your shade. 

Key Benefits:

  • Effervescent long-lasting lip colors
  • Liquid Formula 
  • Highly pigmented and suitable for every personality
  • Long wearing 
  • You'll feel like you have the power to do anything